The Ministerial and Administrative Positions of the Church

Sis Ogechi Okogbue

Mrs. Ada Anumudu

Dr. Ngozi Ajileye-Iroezi

Jude Igweala

Mrs Belinda Agbor

Rev. Julius Agbor

Rev. Dr. Julius Agbor is an author, professor, economist, and pastor. He is an ordained minister of the gospel with the Assemblies of God USA and lead pastor of World Missions Christian Fellowship Church, Torrance, California. He is also a tenured full professor of finance and economics at Vanguard University of Southern California. He is happily married to Belinda Obi, and both he and his wife are originally from Cameroon. They have three biological children—Fred Clancy, Paul Richnel, and Chrisma…

Deacon Moghalu Robert

Deaconess Esther Obietikponah