Glory In The Lord

1 Chronicles 16:7-14

We deeply mourn the huge loss of lives due to COVID19. Nevertheless, so many good things have been happening for many through their friends, Doctors, Teachers, Parents, Kids, or self effort .Without the Lord, humans may fail. We must appreciate those who helped.

But we must not fail to recognize the Almighty does what we cannot do. He is the One that controls the whole world. All Glory belongs to Him. King David set aside time to shower praises to God. We cannot enjoy God’s blessings in silence. We must tell others.

We should count our blessings. Christ has saved us from sin to give us an avenue to our Maker. Verse 10: Glory in His Name. This Lockdown produces extra time for many people, even if they still work (no visits or parties) to take time to meditate and see that Christ in us is helping us go through this awful period. So we must adore Him and ask for more Grace to persevere.