Care for the Needy

Deut. 15:7-11.

Needy? For money? No!
“Money is not Everything ,“ it is rightly said. Many rich folks who neared the end of life (for example Steve Jobs) did warn that money didn’t buy their real need: that is healing. So the needy includes: the sick, the disabled, immorally trapped, etc. With these, our Society is a big field for Christian Care Ministry.

The Lev. passage is about the financially needy. In it God commands that we should not harden our hearts, nor shut our hands; but open our hand wide as we give; give willingly, not grudgingly. And even lend sufficiently? Of course it will be sufficient if many give. Have you given someone a sum to start a business more than once? It’s because poverty creates many needs often more urgent than a business, like using the money for school or hospital bills.

The Lord also warns that “The Poor will always be in the Land”. Damn the self-enriching Prosperity Preaching that have failed and ravished the poor. Such preaching put rewards and God’s biblical promises before the Sacrifice/Suffering and Servanthood. Nevertheless, be not deceived; for so many Christians have experienced the reward for their sacrifice in helping the needy in God’s Way individually. We can each help in the measure God has given to us. Remember the Parable of the Talents?. Choose your Level of Ability. God will always replace what we have given for us to do more. Empathy and the Golden Rule will always encourage us to help the needy in cash or kind.

May He grant us the Overflow, pressed together and running over to encourage us in Jesus Name. Amen.