Be Good To Your Neighbor

Lev 19:13-18
The Chapter begins with the Lord asking His people to be holy for He is Holy. We know that God is Love. So this high godly standard, if followed, will help us achieve the listed Commands:

  • Don’t cheat, pay for day job – the pandemic shows that those who suffer most were day to day workers
  • Respect the disabled – show empathy
  • Be angry and sin not – so u can recover and not double the sin;
  • Judge in righteousness.

Tale bearing is gossip with mockery and condemnation. Actually “Gossips are Prayer Points Mishandled By Prayer-less Hearts.” So next time be the one that will make good of it by sending it to God through prayer for the “Victim”.

Please it is good to gossip the Gospel. God loves Gospel Gossips.

Judging someone is different from correcting, which is pointing out, in loving manner, the stand of the Word of God with the motive to inspire repentance. Skill is needed here. In Judgment, the Judge finally metes out the punishment and condemns the offender. Correction “Damns” the Offense while Judging “Damns” the Offender who Christ would rather rescue if he repents.

May His Wisdom in us help us to discern the right choices at all times. Amen.