Serve God’s People

Acts 6:1 -7
Do not show Partiality:
James 2:1-9.

Every Christian is called under God to join the noble act of servanthood to God’s people. God has a soft spot for widows and Orphans. Widows were ignored in the helps ministry. The world provides no help for their Spirit and Soul; only the Church can help in this angle. God does not want any to perish but all to repent. The Church, in this case, chose spirit -filled men to serve.

Our Service must be under the control of the Spirit of God; or else it will be tainted with the “works of the flesh (unacceptable to God) rather than displaying the “Fruits of the Spirit .” The deacons humbled themselves as Christ humbled Himself, and washed His Disciples’ feet. Partiality occupies an ugly space in our Society, being the core component of ills within racism, sports, profiling, village groupings etc. God shows no partialityin His Church or outside and if our Creator is impartial, who gives us the right not to be.

Genuine Love is fluid, flowing out of a humble heart that knows no barrier. Thus Service becomes an Act of Love; no pain, no self and accompanied with thanks to God for the opportunity. Our God had no favorites. Each of us is Number 1. Acts 10:34.

Lord, help us to see ur examples and follow in YOUR STEPS. AMEN.