Spirit-Inspired Judge

Judges 6: 34-40

During the dispersion, as Phillip went along his way, the Angel of God told him to go “south toward the desert “and later he was told “go & overtake this chariot”. The Holy Spirit uses us to fulfill God’s mission.

The WMCF Youths once emphasized “Get Connected” for that is how to get inspired by the Spirit for Power as we study the Word and be a Doer of the Word. Gideon had just finished worshipping and offering sacrifice which the Lord accepted. “The Spirit of the Lord then came upon Gideon” A Spirit to Spirit communication ensued ….he acted and the people gathered to go to war which consolidated his Faith and power to save God’s people from their enemies. He was Spirit-baptized for Power to serve and to “save lsrael”.

Our leadership must be seasoned by the Holy Spirit to lead aright. Many a time, we as God’s people, see our spirit as weak to do or help in a situation. We need that extra power; that Supernatural; that miraculous, or extra- ordinary power. We must take off some moments for a deeper communion to listen, hear, and take action in obedience to God; He says to us in Zechariah 4:6: “Not by Might, Not by Power, but by my Spirit”, says the Lord “ ie he who is inspired by the Spirit always has the power.

May the Spirit of the Lord possess us so God can use us at anytime He desires in Jesus Name, Amen.