Spirit-Inspired Martyr

Acts 7: 54- 60

A Martyr does not just walk or rush into danger or even death to be one. Acts 6:8 Stephen, “full of grace and power, performing wonders.” That’s the stature of the true Martyr Stephen. Not up to a few get there! His Spirit engaged the Holy Spirit in full gear as he in Acts 7:55 saw the glory of God with Jesus standing. As rocks were hurled at him, he maintained his godly posture, praying for Jesus to receive his spirit and forgive his murderers. Matthew 10:22-23 tells us Jesus’ take on those who confess or deny Him. (We examine our stand now & judge ourselves.)

The fruit/result?…The Gospel spread far and near as the believers dispersed. The Massacre in our Motherland involves some Martyrdom as we speak. What is our take?
Let us ask the Holy Spirit to lead us, protect our Faith, our Motherland, and our vast Christian Communities. Jesus must be honored in our lives everyday.

The Church is marching on; The Gates of Hell shall never prevail. Let’s take care that the sufferings and prayers of Christians will be through the indwelling Spirit of God in order to result in the expansion of the Gospel. Amen.