SpIrit-Inspired Mother

Luke 1:39-45; 67- 79

Jewish Priest Zechariah had the same experience Abraham had: promise and birth of a son at very old age, well spaced out over centuries but Same God, same Purpose: JESUS CHRIST.

Sarah and Elizabeth reacted the same way to the Angel that announced it. Elizabeth was much overwhelmed as Mary visited her. She was filled with the Holy Spirit and BURST out in praise and worship to God, naming all the great Works and fulfilled promises. Likewise when the son, John, was named, Zechariah was also filled with the Holy Spirit and also BURST out in Prophecy. Yes, there’s always that sudden Burst as the Spirit inspires and pushes out an Act of God through the ready spiritual Vessel.

Mothers, Fathers, please believe it. The Holy Spirit inspiration is very useful for the raising of Children. With God’s Spirit you can rightly monitor, train, and lead your kids as He reveals who your kid really is—out there and around you. Then you can lovingly help them know the Lord. Then on a higher level, you become a very valuable player (MVP) in
God’s Vineyard, your home, and wherever you are. What Jesus promised the Holy Spirit for will come alive in our lives. BE SPIRIT-INSPIRED, In Jesus name. Amen.