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Inspired By the Holy Spirit

Galatians 6: 4 Can we examine ourselves? Can we watch the Spirit: how far, how deep, how sincere is the longing and the reach out for the indwelling of the Holy Spirit in our lives? Is the Holy Spirit allowed to determine my choices and decisions in my life? My lifetimeI will give God my lifetime

Spirit-Inspired Martyr

Acts 7: 54- 60 A Martyr does not just walk or rush into danger or even death to be one. Acts 6:8 Stephen, “full of grace and power, performing wonders.” That’s the stature of the true Martyr Stephen. Not up to a few get there! His Spirit engaged the Holy Spirit in full gear as he in Acts 7:55 saw the glory of God with Jesus standing. As rocks were hurled at him, he maintained his godly posture, praying for…

SpIrit-Inspired Mother

Luke 1:39-45; 67- 79 Jewish Priest Zechariah had the same experience Abraham had: promise and birth of a son at very old age, well spaced out over centuries but Same God, same Purpose: JESUS CHRIST. Sarah and Elizabeth reacted the same way to the Angel that announced it. Elizabeth was much overwhelmed as Mary visited her. She was filled with the Holy Spirit and BURST out in praise and worship to God, naming all the great Works and fulfilled promises.…