Spirit-Inspired Prophet

Ezekiel 11:1-5

Prophecy is not solicited for by the Prophet; The Lord simply chooses the ready appropriate Vessel, time, location and related atmosphere to speak to the intended recipients. It ‘s usually for His intentions and He only commands the actions eg verse1, The Spirit “lifted him”….”brought” him …..to the intended location with the intended recipients. Ezekiel didn’t know all that.

Ezekiel was always so deeply in the Spirit. His Lamentation for Israel is well recorded; no wonder God’s Spirit always “FELL UPON” him; then he would say verbatim, as the Lord
spoke to him. Without Ezekiel previously aware, the Lord quoted the exact words the princes used to ill treat the people of Israel for which vengeance was coming upon them. Wonderfully, Matthew 9:4 says ”the Lord knowing their hearts” then 1Corinthians 3:20, “the Lord knows the thoughts”; John 2:25 Jesus did not need any testimonies about man for He knew what was in man. The prophesies must be from the Spirit of God. Beware of False Prophets speaking from their personal inclines.

We must all pray for the Spirit of God to speak through us if He may, as we yield our lives in Christ.