The Power of God’s Word

Jeremiah 23: 25-29

God spoke thru Jeremiah the Prophet, noting that there were false Prophets dreaming dreams He described as “Chaff “, without power. God emphasized in v29: His Word is like”fire”and like a ”hammer that breaks the rock into pieces.“ In Hebrews 4:12 Paul calls the Word a two- edged sword that pierces through a stubborn heart to convict and through his bone marrow to mobilize him to surrender to the Word. We know modern examples.

God’s Word always gets God’s plan done — Isaiah 55:11. It helps to crack us into repentance, forgiveness, Loving our enemies , obeying God, and following Him, though the journey is tough. But truly as this Power delivers us we begin to taste the sweetness it pours into our bosom; “Then sings my soul my Savior’s Love…

The Power of the Word has changed the world so much that all is not under the lock and key of the Devil. We are free!! It would have been Hell on Earth without the Word-Center ie the Church. The written Word of God has provided most of the Laws of the modern age.
So, therefore, let’s soberly think of what we are missing without our applying the truths and power of the Word. eg: When we are Weak, He is our Strength. Sick. ……Healer, Poor…….Rich Source, Hated …….Love. O my God, all I need is in the tangible Word —
JESUS is the Answer— That’s what the Bible is all about. Do not remain weak. Read the Word. The Power you seek is right there in the Word.