Walk In Wisdom

Ephesians 5:15-21

“See then that you walk wisely.”…..is nothing but a command for Believers. The Order is non-negotiable. The above passage gives us the directives for how to “walk in Wisdom”.
Verse 15: We are not to be foolish; When we make the right choices, we avoid disaster or disorder.
Verse 16: Make use of the opportunity now; these days are evil. Delay can land you in Hell….
Verse 17: The Will of God in our lives keep us in the right track, allowing us to fully accomplish our dreams.
Verse 18: Let’s be filled with the Holy Spirit, not with Alcoholism, which even newborns have cringed at.
Verse 19:To fellowship and worship God together strengthens believers in Faith resulting in Miracles.
Verse 20: Thankfulness to God indicates satisfaction, peace, love; these give full satisfaction in our lives.
Verse 21: ”Submit one to another” surely results in spiritual equality as God designed and desires of us. Wise minds know this is true and pleases God since ALL are created equal and share a high but different calling.

It is Wise to be humble; God loves it (1 Peter 5:5)…Wisdom is highly needed by us. And we are advised in Proverbs 3:7…”DO NOT BE WISE IN YOUR OWN UNDERSTANDING”. GOD IS ABLE TO MAKE YOU WISE. 2TIMOTHY 3 15.